a sensuous poetry collection into the unknown

Shaghayegh Farsijani


a sensuous poetry collection into the unknown


'...My soul has lost geometry

And craves the spiral silence of Spring.

With no abyss, no fear

I breathe deeply to the dance 

Of your exhale

Please rest, while we swim

Hand-in-hand; lip-to-lip in the widest poppy lake'


Spin all this fresh air to your imagination and plant love, relationship and longing in the garden of her poems and you can read and reread her works to discover not only her message but the message in you that has ever shyly been waiting to reveal itself to you. An artesian Spring of private pleasure. Begin.

   -Boyd Willat, Founder of Govinowine, DayRunner,and Sensa

Her poetry, like her soul, is deep, sensitive, and boombastic.It was a joy to read.

   -Raymond F. Staples, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of TMP Holdings, Inc.


 Shaghayegh Farsijani's first published poetry collection is an intrinsic look into deep experiences and feelings many of us have left orphaned, dusted, and alone. She gives natural life to anything with the power of sensuality at its peak like an artist splashing colors to everyday nouns and verbs. She will reach out and give life to suppressed and sleeping emotions deep within your soul. Her work is like timeless fractals of the human condition dancing on fearless poppies.        


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